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SCADA and RTU Hands-On Training, Course Details & Dates>
Vinson is introducing ROC and FloBoss™ training for production, measurement and control, liquid production and advanced applications.  Hands-On Instructor Led by: Matt Bogle


Oil & Gas Applications Seminar - Lewisville, TX
Vinson Process Controls Company is offering an educational seminar directed to new engineers and others responsible for control applications in the oil & gas industry. The seminar will offer an overview of upstream and midstream process as well as insight into control instrumentation. 2018 - To Be Announced

With over 65 years of training experience, Emerson Educational Services remains committed to providing quality training to over 20,000 individuals, when and where you need it. Factory Training: Students attend class in our fully equipped training labs including small group hands-on sessions, one-on-one time with instructors. Our workshops are simply the best investment you can make in your employees and business.  Educational Services Site> 

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Knowledge of Process Control DevicesControl Valve Training

Knowledge of process control devices within a plant is often passed down from generation to generation. At the same time, advances in process technology and methodology must be brought into the plant. Otherwise, in-house standards for device setup and maintenance can become based on outdated theory. The result is a valve or instrument that may be functioning -- but not living up to its capabilities. 

Fisher® and Vinson have made a commitment to helping our customers find and keep superior performance. We deliver a great variety of factory, local, and on-site training in field devices. Learn More>

Regulator Training

Fisher's educational services division works closely with industry users in order to provide comprehensive and up-to-date gas regulator application training. Regular classes are scheduled at factory and customer locations with trained instructors on all phases of regulator use. Course instruction covers product application as well as measurement instrumentation and other process topics.  In addition, self-training programs including videos, workbooks, and computer-based training are available to keep your staff up-to-date in all technologies. Learn More>

Process Systems and Solutions Training

In the Systems area, courses are offered in PlantWeb®, AMS™ Suite: Intelligent Device Manager, Foundation™ fieldbus, Safety Instrumented Systems, and DeltaV™.  DeltaV training courses cover operator training as well as implementation basics and hardware troubleshooting.  In addition to products based courses, Emerson Training Services offers process training in many other areas such as refining, electric power generation, Machinery Health™ Management, fluid analytics, and many other topics.  Learn More>

State of the Art Training

Remote Automation Solutions Training

Remote Automation Systems Factory training for engineers and technicians using RAS flexible devices, which are widely used by natural gas production, pipeline, and distribution companies to measure and control gas flow, is scheduled regularly at regional training centers, and available elsewhere upon request.  Learn More>

Vinson and Fisher offer thorough training for engineers and technicians on remote automation computers and SCADA.  Whether your application is natural gas production or measurement and control, ROC™and FloBoss products are the modern method of handling problems at remote sites. Whether your training need is installation, programming, or troubleshooting, we have the course for you.  Learn More>  

In addition to the standard Fisher courses, Vinson offers hands-on training courses for SCADA and remote computer applications. These courses are designed for technicians, engineers, and operators to learn more about ROC and FloBoss products in a very practical manner. Taught by experienced Vinson employees, these courses are held in Vinson’s Carrollton office.  Learn More>

SCADA and RTU Hands-On Training, Course Details & Dates>

Vinson is introducing ROC and FloBoss™ training for production, measurement and control, liquid production and advanced applications.  

Hands-On Instructor Led by: Matt Bogle

Valve Automation Training

Valve automation training is taught by product line. Emerson owns five world-class recognized brands – Bettis, Dantorque, El-O-Matic, Hytork, and Schafer. Choose the course which corresponds to your needs based on the actuator best suited to your application.  Learn More>



PlantWebIndustry's Cutting Edge Automation Technology

Emerson Process Management's PlantWeb digital plant architecture is the industry's cutting edge automation technology. Combining the many diverse components of process control systems, PlantWeb allows your operation to maximize returns by minimizing downtime and off-spec product. The vast array of PlantWeb oriented courses offered by Emerson Process Management covers DeltaV systems, bus communication, final control devices, and plant reliability. Learn More>



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