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Design Optimization --
Ensuring Reduced Installation and Maintenance Cost

When your application demands high performance in a small space, BaumannTM Control Valves are your answer. These valves are ideally suited to industrial HVAC, light chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnicalVinson has the Baumann Valve for You applications and are lighter and smaller than competing products. In addition, all Baumann valves have standardized trim and spare parts for maintenance simplicity.

Whether your need is for low flow, sanitary, or butterfly valves, Vinson has the Baumann valve for you. Baumann also has sanitary regulators and valve accessories to complement your application, and all Baumann valves have stainless steel fasteners and corrosion resistant coatings.  

Low Flow Valves
Baumann Product List

Product Advantages

- Lighter and smaller than competing products -- reduces installation and maintenance overhead
- Ideal for skid-mounted equipment or for applications where space is limited
- Stainless steel fasteners and corrosion resistant coatings -- Standard

- Field reversible multi-spring actuators on
most products

- Ideally suited to industrial HVAC light chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnical applications

















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