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Fisher Control Valves


Products That Deliver

Control valves may be the most important, but sometimes are the most neglected, part of a control loop. They are a leading cause of process variability and poor control in loop performance.

Products That Deliver

Studies have shown that accurate regulatory process control can add significantly to bottom-line results. Emerson Process Management, the world’s largest manufacturer of control valves, and Vinson have the valve to fit your application.   


Sliding-Stem Valves

We have the broadest range of sliding-stem control valves available anywhere in a variety of construction materials, flow characteristics, and end connections. Complimentary actuators and accessories are also available.



Rotary Control Valves

When capacity and performance are the requirements, the Fisher® line of rotary valves is the answer. Popular rotary valve products include ball, eccentric disc, eccentric plug, and butterfly valves.



Control-Disk Valve

The Fisher® Control-Disk Valve with 2052 spring-and-diaphragm actuator can upgrade your butterfly performance and provide a compact alternative to segmented ball valves. Get expanded control range, closer control to set point, and longer product life with this new alternative to conventional butterfly technology. Meets all API, ASME and EN standards.













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