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World's Leader in Instruments and ValvesFisher Control ValvesEmerson Process Management - Fisher Valves

Fisher® sliding stem and rotary valves may be used for either throttling or on-off control with almost any liquid or gas. This broad spectrum of valves can cover large or small pressure drops, cavitating services, high noise applications, extreme temperatures, and most corrosive and severe service conditions.   

Digital Technology

Vinson also sells an array of Fisher valve accessories including: FIELDVUE® digital valve controllers, I/P transducers, position transmitters, pneumatic temperature and pressure controllers, level controllers, and trip systems. Fisher’s FIELDVUE digital valve controllers can continuously monitor the entire valve assembly while in service and communicate operating status to the plant control system.

Emerson to Build Valve Industry’s Largest and Most Technologically -- Advanced Research Lab

Fisher is the largest and most recognized name in control valves. With over 100 years of experience and employees in more than 80 countries, Fisher enjoys a reputation as the most reliable and advanced valve manufacturer in the process control industry. Adding to this reputation is Emerson's recently announced research lab to be built in Marshalltown, Iowa at a cost of over $19 million.


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