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Personnel, Expertise, and Products to Handle Your Needs
Make Vinson your oil and gas control equipment headquarters. With over 70 years of experience in the production basins of Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, Vinson Process Controls is ready for your oilfield, pipeline, or processing needs. Whether your application calls for valves, regulators, instruments, or computer-control equipment, Vinson has the personnel, expertise, and products to handle your needs with the right product at the best price.

Oil & Gas Automation

he Design D2 FloPro and D3 FloPro control valves are compact, rugged valves designed for on-off control. These valves are ideal for use as dump valves on gas separators and scrubbers. They are also well suited for other high pressure applications in natural gas production, compression, and processing. The Design D2 FloPro valve has threaded end connections and is available in an NPS 1 globe style valve body. The Design D3 FloPro control valve is available in NPS 1 and 2 CL900 NPT end connections and NPS 2 CL600 raised face flanged end connections.



The Fisher Design D4 Control Valve is a compact, rugged globe valve designed primarily for high-pressure throttling applications. This valve is ideal for use on pressure and flow control applications within the oil and gas production industry. The Design D4 is an excellent control valve for high-pressure separators, scrubbers, and other processing equipment. These valves are especially useful for either throttling or on/off control of liquids or gases which are gritty, sticky, or which have a tendency to build up on internal valve parts.  If the control valve requires maintenance, the trim and packing can be maintained by removing the patented deep-bore hammer nut and lifting the actuator/bonnet assembly off the valve without disassembling the actuator.
The L2 Liquid Level Controller is ASME Class 1500, with two-inch NPT connection, field reversible output, and low bleed relay. It features field configurable vertical or horizontal displacer and is NACE ready.

Also available are electro-pneumatic transducers, pressure controllers, and pressure pilots. Vinson carries a large stock of these Fisher Express products plus a large variety of natural gas regulators in multiple locations for pick up or fast delivery.

Experience that Counts

Vinson's manufacturers are continually developing new products and improving current products to stay abreast of the ever-changing oil and gas markets of the Southwest. Give us a call for our latest product offerings.



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