Fisher Severe Service

Sound Solutions,
Critical Applications

Whether it is severe service for power, hydrocarbon, or steam conditioning applications, Fisher Severe Service technical experts have provided sound solutions to address the customer's critical applications for aerodynamic noise, cavitation, and out-gassing issues, as well as particulate erosion.

Cavitation Control, Cavitation Demo>

Cavitation control trim constructions are designed to eliminate, or minimize the damaging effects of cavitating applications. Learn More>

Aerodynamic Noise Control,
Noise Control Demo>

Control valve technologies used to reduce the noise (sound pressure level) of compressible flows via one or more techniques of frequency shifting, discreet pressure staging, trim passage shape and/or adequate expansion areas. Learn More>


In power applications Fisher® has solutions for technical problems ranging from boiler control instrumentation to sophisticated combined systems.



Hydrocarbon transmission and processing presents problems and opportunities unique to those industries for applications such as compressor anti-surge or amine pump recirculation. Call Vinson for your control valve, regulator, and controller needs.

Steam Conditioning Equipment

In critical applications, Fisher steam conditioning equipment should be your first choice. With decades of experience in noise control turbine bypass valves, desuperheaters, attemporators, and other engineered valves, Fisher can meet your need for rugged reliability and flow precision.


PULSCO's Silencers

Vinson is an exclusive agent for PULSCO Vent Silencers and Line Silencers. PULSCO’s Blowdown Vent Silencers and Line Silencers provide the solution to high intensity, broadband noise associated with pressure relief systems and gas/steam line turbulence.  PULSCO Vent and Line Silencers are designed and engineered as a system, specifically matched to a Fisher Control valve system to reduce the overall cost for the valve and silencer package. Below is a link to our new product names, the names they are replacing and what the product controls.  

P.B.V. Valves

PBV manufactures and supplies an array of superior valves for the most demanding industrial applications and environments. Our advanced production, testing and inventory procedures combine to ensure strict specification conformance, faster delivery and reliable operational performance. The various lines include: Unibody and Two-piece Threaded Floating Ball Valves, Severe Service Ball Valves and Swing Style Check Valves. In addition to our standard line of proprietary products, PBV also offers custom design services for special requirements.



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