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Control Valves and the Process

Enhancing Your Process Control

The Fisher array of instruments is almost as large as its valve offerings. In the valve accessory area, positioners, digital valve controllers, levels, pressure controllers, transducers, transmitters, and trip valves are all instruments which can improve your process control and add dollars to your bottom line. In recent years, Fisher has invested heavily in R&D on its digital line of instruments including the popular FieldVue digital valve controller. 


Valve Positioners and
Digital Valve Controllers
Valve Positioners

Fisher offers a large spectrum of positioners that range from the basic rotary or sliding-stem pneumatic positioner to the FieldVue Digital Valve Controller, the most widely accepted digital valve controller on the market today. The basic valve positioner compares the valve signal with the actual valve position and corrects for any deviations to more closely align the valve to the incoming signal. While this can be done pneumatically, the Fisher Digital Valve Controller employs a micro-processor to more accurately position the valve and thus provide even better control.

In addition, the Fisher Digital Valve Controllers provide two-way communication via a number of protocols to allow diagnostic information to be passed to operators, maintenance, and I&E technicians. 













Further control of your process can be gained by coupling the Digital Valve Controller to an Emerson AMS Suite or PlantWeb System. This final enhancement allows you to monitor not only your control valves but also other smart field instruments and thus improve plant reliability and reduce maintenance costs. 

Electrohydraulic Actuators 

Electrohydraulic actuators are often used on liquid pipelines and in the power industry for damper drives and other modulating applications. These actuators, manufactured by Rexa and automated by Vinson, achieve fast and precise positioning at high thrusts and are available in multiple configurations to meet your needs. Learn More>

Other Valve Accessories

Other valve accessories can be added to your control valve assembly depending upon your application needs. Fisher offers a number of electro-pneumatic transducers (I/Ps) for economical conversion of electric to pneumatic signals. Also available are position transmitters and limit switches for valve signaling, volume boosters to improve actuator speed, and trip systems for achieving the desired fail position with double-acting actuators.

Field Mounted Instruments

Fisher Field Instrumentation

In addition to valve accessories, Fisher also offers a wide selection of field devices for communicating or controlling the process variable. Popular models include digital, pneumatic, and electronic field instruments such as level, pressure, and temperature controllers, as well as level transmitters and pressure pilots.

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