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Emerson Process Management systems with DeltaVTM have become the premier control system in the hydrocarbon industry. Whether the application is refining, optimizing field production, or transportation, Emerson has the solution that will maximize throughput at the lowest possible cost. 

In the refining arena, Emerson has developed solutions that utilize field instruments to gather information from across the plant. This information is then  centralized where decisions are being made. By developing this new kind of process automation architecture, Emerson has replaced proprietary DCS  systems with an open, non-proprietary platform.  

Capable of working with both analog and digital I/O, these systems can be installed for less than you think and produce significant benefits to the bottom line. With all of the information produced, plants can now make decisions based on predicted future conditions rather than only reacting to past events.




Implementing Information and Expert Systems
Implementing Information and Expert Systems

In pipelines, Emerson has implemented more automation systems than any other engineering company in North America. Most pipeline projects depend on the contractor’s level of expertise and ours is unsurpassed. Whether your project includes station process automation, SCADA installation, flow  measurement, environmental controls, or batch tracking, Emerson can use internal products and  engineering to get the job done. Learn More>



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