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Industrial regulator applications include air, steam, tank blanketing, liquids, process gases, and fuel gases. 

The use of air or gases to power pneumatic instruments is common in many process industries. In these applications, Fisher regulator products are rugged and dependable and provide top performance in even the harshest environments.

Steam Products


In a large variety of process industries, plants rely on steam for heat and power requirements. In these applications, steam is generated and distributed at high pressures and temperatures throughout the plant. Regulators are then utilized to provide accurate pressure reduction and control where required. Fisher regulators can offer such features as steam tracing, remote set point control, and deaerator supply. Manufactured per ANSI standards, Fisher regulators meet ASME boiler and pressure vessel codes.

Total Tank Management

Tank Blanketing and Vapor Recovery 

In order to protect equipment, plant personnel, and the product being stored, many process operations utilize tank blanketing to maintain a "blanket" of inert gas over the product stored within the tank. This blanket prevents air, moisture, and other contaminants from entering the tank. Fisher offers a range of solutions to meet almost all capacity and accuracy requirements in this regulator segment. 

Liquid Applications Liquid Applications


When selecting a regulator for use in liquid applications, construction materials must be chosen to minimize any interaction with the fluids. Fisher regulators offer a broad range of elastomer and metal components to meet system compatibility needs. In addition, Fisher regulators are stable at low flow settings and can provide superior control over a wide range of flow demand. When back pressure control and differential control are needed, Fisher regulators are the product of choice. 

Process Gas

Process Gases

In specialized applications, various gases are used in the process itself. Many times these gases have unique needs which must be considered when choosing the regulators to be used. All devices in these systems must be designed to prevent corrosion and chemical reactions while continuing to operate reliably. Many Fisher regulators are designed with materials in mind for these corrosive environments. Fisher also has products constructed to withstand extremely high and low temperatures while continuing to provide reliable operation for cryogenic or extremely high temperature applications. 

Fuel Gas

A large portion of the Fisher regulator product line is designed for fuel gases, furnace supply, and burner trains. Whether these gases are sour or in some other way corrosive, Fisher has the materials and design for your needs. For almost any commercial or industrial application involving fuel gases, there is a Fisher regulator for your needs. 



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