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Services Tailored to the Natural Gas Industry

Fisher Controls has been a leader in regulator product design and engineering support since the birth of the natural gas industry. With the most complete line of pressure regulators in the industry, Fisher can supply all your regulator needs for Transmission, District Regulator Stations, Commercial/ Industrial, and Residential Applications. All Fisher regulators are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards, assuring that you receive the product quality that you deserve. In addition, each Fisher regulator or relief valve is individually tested prior to shipment to ensure that it will perform to customer specifications.   

Vinson maintains a large selection of regulators at strategic locations in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico and can supply most Fisher regulator products, including parts, on an overnight basis.


Transmission Stations Reliable Operation

Fisher regulators are used in gas metering and pressure reducing stations worldwide. We can meet customer specifications with complete gas control systems including pressure regulation, filtration, gas heating, and monitoring. Typical regulators in these stations can reduce pressure from as high as 1480 psig. Slam-shut technology is available for overpressure and underpressure protection. 

Pressure Reducing


Distribution Stations 

Distribution stations and city gates utilizing Fisher products feature pressure regulators with slam-shut technology. A typical district regulating station can reduce pressure from 300 psig to 60 psig at a flow rate of 2000 SCFH. Whether your need is to provide higher relief capacity or increased accuracy at higher set points, Fisher has the product to meet your need. End-User Applications


End-User Applications and Service Regulators

For end users, Fisher has a large variety of regulators to meet individual needs. We have high pressure, fast-response regulators that can handle large capacity loads for commercial applications such as supplying gas to furnaces, burners, and ovens. We also have low pressure regulators to handle low flow situations accurately and safely. Also available are extremely accurate regulators for fixed factor billing applications.

Excellent Filtration


Micron Filtration

If micron filtration is your need, we have filters available in stainless steel or aluminum construction for various natural gas applications. Please call your Vinson representative to find the ideal product for your application.

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