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Given the processing power of ROC and FloBossTM products, flow computers can offer well control previously available only through PLCs or on-site human intervention. Through standard operating firmware and downloadable user applications available from Fisher  and Vinson, an operator can use a wide variety of applications utilizing graphic interfaces to manage individual wells from a remote location. Features such as PID control to remotely open or close control valves and Function Sequence Table (FST) scripted logic to perform custom logic are standard on Emerson flow computer products.  

Production Management and Plunger Lift Control can be used to reduce gas losses, eliminate or reduce the frequency of future well treatments, and improve overall productivity.  Learn More>  

Nomination Control is utilized to control the delivery volumes of gas to the gathering system while optimizing the flow characteristics of each well in the system.  Learn More>   

Gas Control Manager and Run Switching allows you to easily program automated valve switching for multiple meter runs as well as other commonly used control and logic functions in the electronic flow measurement environment.  Learn More>

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Vinson's Cause and Effect logic screen offers a simple, graphic interface to perform cause and effect logic functions. This interface is easier to configure, troubleshoot, and modify in the field making your technicians more productive. Learn More>

Applications for Advanced Control, Developed Exclusively by Vinson Process Controls


Applications for Advanced Control
Vinson has developed custom logic to solve your application problems in one CD which can be downloaded into your ROC product. Covering such needs as:

   - Gas Control Manager
   - Production Manager
   - NGL Storage Manager

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