Technology for Your Most Demanding Remote Measurement and Control Applications

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Technology for Your Most Demanding Remote Measurement and Control ApplicationsWhether your application is oil and gas production, metering, compressor stations, water or wastewater facilities, boilers and chillers, or tank farms, Emerson has the multiple run flow computer to meet your needs

Single-Run Flow Computers//Remote Terminal Units (RTU)  

Flow computers/RTU's  are available in both single-run and multiple-run units. The single-run FloBossTM 103/503 unit is a compact, self contained unit that is cost effective to replace chart recorders where orifice-plate metering of natural gas is required. Designed for Class 1 Division 2 or Class 1 Division 1 hazardous areas, the 103/503 features a 32-bit processor for quick response and excellent communications support. Additionally, the units can be configured for linear meters such as turbine or positive displacement types.
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Multiple-Run Flow Computers/Remote Terminal Units RTU)

Where multiple-run metering is needed, the FloBoss 107, ROC809/827 and Control Wave are the units of choice.

The FloBoss 107 incorporates a high-accuracy multi-variable sensor, up to four meter runs, built-in touch screen LCD and expandable I/O. Conforming to AGA 3, AGA 7, and AGA 8 standards, it is also approved for Class 1 Division 2 locations. Built with a low power, 32-bit microprocessor, this unit is ideal for remote solar powered applications.

The ROC 809/827 gives you all the features you expect in a flow computer with up to 12 meter runs, plus the scalability, speed, and control capability of a PLC. Where you need monitoring,  measurement, or control of processes and equipment, the 809/827 is your all-in-one unit to meet a wide range of field applications. Built with an extremely fast 32-bit microprocessor, the 809/827 uses a real-time multitasking operating system to handle both metering and control tasks simultaneously

The ControlWave family of SCADA RTUs, PLCs, PACs, and Flow Computers provide the performance and flexibility needed for installation in rugged industrial and remote environments found in natural gas, water, and wastewater applications. They are ideal for use in large SCADA systems by virtue of their networking and connectivity capabilities to a broad range of third party products using multiple protocols  and multiple serial and Ethernet ports. The ControlWave product family offers pre-engineered water and flow computing application-specific products as well as fully programmable controllers for customized applications.




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