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SCADA, the acronym for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, is the principle method of returning data to the host computer in flow computer installations. Typically conducted by radio frequency or other wireless technologies, SCADA installations can cover a single field or hundreds of square miles and many different fields.


With numerous vendors and multiple protocols for polling, sending, storing, and sorting data, operators may feel trapped by their current brand of RTU. The problems usually stem from the programming complexities of acquiring and interpreting data. Vinson has solutions for this situation which allow you to continue using your currently installed equipment while purchasing more versatile ROC, FloBossTM and ControWave flow computers for future installations. 

For example, Cygnet Software reduces the problem of different protocols tremendously through its Equipment Interface Engines. These software modules allow the user to combine many different brands of flow computers into a single SCADA system without the necessity of complicated programming changes.

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Through its large library of interface software, Cygnet provides connectivity to almost all brands of Flow Computer or RTU, probably including the brand of your installed base. All of your current flow computers will continue to function as before, and your new purchases of flow computers can be ROC and FloBoss models that incorporate features that most others donít. The Cygnet Enterprise Transaction Management (ETM) architecture sets the standard for multiple networked users over both your companyís WAN or the Internet.


In addition to Cygnet, we have also interfaced flow computers into other systems such as Intellution, Wonderware, Standard Automation Gas Control Manager, Standard Automation Universal SCADA Server, and Automated Solutions AutoSol Enterprise Server. Now you can have all the unique features of ROC and FloBoss flow computers without regard to the brand of your installed base. Give us a call and let us show you how to get the features you want in future devices.



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