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No automated valve assembly is complete without solenoid valves, position switches, switch boxes, hand wheels, positioners, and digital valve  controllers. Vinson carries the top brands in these areas to assure that your automated assembly operates as you intended. 

Committed to Worldwide Leadership in Valves and Valve System Technology, ASCO Valve

ASCO valve is the worldwide leader in solenoid valves. The product line includes 2-way, 3-way and 4-way solenoid valves for on/off control of fluids or gasses. All of these models have options such as direct mount for the elimination of tubing, group mounting for groups of similar valves, and manual reset to prevent inadvertent startups in the failure mode.  

A division of Emerson Process Management and in business since 1888, ASCO has continually improved its product line to become the industry leader in its field. The newest ASCO innovations include improved power management technology and upgraded DC powered valves. 



High-Performance Products and Innovative Services, TopWorxValvetopGO SwitchTopWorx

TopWorx limit switches are the industry standard for signaling the control room of valve open and valve closed positions. When your valve reaches the limit that you set, a signal is given to the control room of the valve’s position. Also available are transmitters that communicate the valve’s position at all times, whether at the limit or not.   

Another Topworx innovation, and the product upon which the company was established, is the GO leverless limit switch. This switch is the most rugged proximity switch on the market today and provides reliable position sensing in hot, cold, wet, dirty, abusive, corrosive, and explosive plant conditions. 

Another Topworx innovation is the Valvetop® discrete valve controller which combines bus networking, position sensors, and pilot valves into one convenient enclosure that attaches to your valve. Supporting FOUNDATIONTM fieldbus, DeviceNet, AS-Interface and other popular protocols, these controllers come in a variety of enclosures approved for difficult environments.   


Easy Access to Information Critical to Process Operation, Positioners, and Digital Valve Controllers FieldVue DVC6000

Vinson carries valve positioners from Fisher® which compare the valve signal with the actual valve position and correct for any deviations to more closely align the valve to the incoming signal. For better control, the Fisher Digital Valve Controller employs a micro-processor to more accurately position the valve. In addition, Fisher Digital Valve Controllers provide two-way communication via a number of protocols to allow diagnostic information to be passed to operators, maintenance, and I&E technicians.   

ESD Series Digital Valve Controllers are manufactured by Fisher and are particularly useful for partial stroke testing. Safety shutdown (SIS) valves equipped with the industry leading FIELDVUE® Digital Valve Controller bring significant new advantages to performance testing. A FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controller -- ESD, with its micro-processor based capabilities, can provide automated performance monitoring and testing in an SIS system, while keeping operators informed about, yet safely away from, SIS emergency valves.

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