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Actuators are an essential element in any automated assembly. Each one must be carefully chosen to meet the requirements of the valve on which it is mounted and the intended application. Possibilities include pneumatic (whether rack and pinion or scotch-yoke), electric, and hydraulic actuators in a wide range of torques and sizes to meet your needs at the most economical price. In addition, application, safety factors, actuation time, temperature, and emergency response must be considered to optimize the assembly to your needs. Vinson stocks a large variety of actuator lines and models in order to handle almost any actuation requirement that you may have both quickly and efficiently.  

Manufacturers of the Broadest Variety of Valve Actuator Types, Bettis Bettis

For more than 40 years, Bettis has been recognized as a leader in the manufacture of actuator products. Bettis manufactures a complete line of products, including quarter-turn scotch-yoke, rack and pinion, and electric actuators for your actuation requirements. These actuators, available in both spring-return and double-acting configurations, can be powered by either compressed gas, hydraulic, or electric sources to provide the widest range of torques and thrust available in the industry.   



Compact rack and pinion pneumatic actuators operate reliably and efficiently in many quarter-turn applications including ball, butterfly, and plug valves. Available in a wide range of torques, and in either double-acting or spring-return models, you can count on Bettis products to operate reliably through extreme temperatures, corrosive environments, and high cycles. Operate Reliably Through Extreme Temperatures, Corrosive Environments and High Cycles

Scotch-yoke pneumatic actuators are now available for many applications both large and small. The Bettis G series offers such features as guaranteed output torques, water ingress protection, corrosion resistance, NAMUR standardization, close coupling, and overrides. These actuators can operate up to 6 million inch-pounds for double acting models and 3 million inch-pounds in spring-return models. Operating pressures up to 200 psig and temperatures as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit are also possible. 

Bettis hydraulic actuators come in scotch-yoke, linear, and helical-spline models. Manufactured in both double-acting or fail-safe spring-return designs, they can be used both offshore and in subsea applications as well as on land. Bettis hydraulics are available in torques up to 6 million inch-pounds in double-acting models and 3 million inch-pounds in spring return.

Gas hydraulic actuators are found on natural gas pipelines throughout the world. Operating in a temperature range from -50 to
+ 250 Fahrenheit these rugged models utilize gas pressure from the line as their power source. Bettis gas hydraulics are manufactured in scotch-yoke, rotary vane, and linear designs and can generate output torques up to 6 million inch-pounds.   

Bettis electric actuators are compact and can provide ideal performance in on/off and modulating environments. Suitable for use on all sizes of valves, these actuators come in both hazardous and non-hazardous housings including CSA-certified enclosures.  Standard models are available with a wide range of options for control functions. El-O-Matic

Continuously Providing Optimum Performance under all Circumstances, EL-O-MATIC 

For applications involving extreme temperature ranges or corrosive chemicals, El-O-Matic actuators may be an excellent choice for your continuous process or batch conditions. Available from 40 to 120 psig air supply, these actuators feature dual opposed and balanced piston design for optimum performance and long life. Integrated control options include manual override, a three-position positioning system, limit switches, solenoid valves, and breather blocks. 

The Smart Solution to Integrated Control, FieldQ 

FieldQ actuators greatly reduce assembly and installation costs by allowing the user or valve automation shop to integrate the actuator, solenoid valve, switch box, and accessories into one product. Covered by various patents on the way controls are integrated into the product, the design of the pneumatic control module, and the contactless position sensing, the FieldQ FieldQ will revolutionize the piecemeal approach to automated valve assembly. Upgrades are also much easier with plug in modules that eliminate the need to hang various accessories all over the assembly.  

Other features available with FieldQ include push-button initialization of position indicators and intelligent diagnostics to notify the operator of actuator/valve condition. In addition, digital communications are available for several standard bus protocols allowing you to harness the power of PlantWeb® for yet another facet of your operation. With FieldQ, estimating is a thing of the past, now you can know the status of your valve assembly and take control of your process.   

Designed for rotary valves, the FieldQ utilizes only those features necessary for the application and is an economical alternative for almost any installation.

The Exclusive REXA Electraulic Actuator Representative for the Oklahoma Region Serving the Pipeline and Power Industries

Rexa Electraulic actuators utilize the unique, patented Flow Match System to achieve fast and precise positioning at thrusts to 120,000 pounds and torques to 400,000 inch pounds with a self-contained and sealed hydraulic system which eliminates routine maintenance. They are ideal for liquid pipeline systems and power-plant applications even in high temperature locations.

Rexa Actuators are commonly used for all types of damper controls, burner tilts and other applications requiring high speed and precise control. They are available in fail-last and fail-safe models without sacrificing speed of response.


EIM -  Manufacturing High Quality Valve Actuators Since 1949

EIM introduced CONTROLINC, the first digital control system for valve actuators, in 1985. For over half a century, we have remained pioneers in product innovation and technical design improvement. EIM is proud to have developed and patented a number of basic designs now standard to most of the actuator industry.

- Multi-turn and Quarter-turn Electric Actuators
EIM continues to innovate offering highly reliable valve actuators for virtually any application.


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