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Vinsonís Valve Automation Group specializes in pneumatic and electric valve actuation products for the oil and gas, refining, power generation, chemical, petrochemical, and pulp and paper industries. We take the hassle out of your job by packaging the valve, actuator, and accessories you need into complete, automated on-off assemblies. Some common applications we service are:

Serving Your Industry
  • Automated Block 

  • Emergency Shutdown (ESD)

  • Automated Vent and Blow-Down  

  • Pressure Shut-Off (PSO) 

  • Over-Pressure Protection (OPP) Instrument

  • Partial Stroke Packages for ESD Applications

  • Steam Drains

  • Three-Way Diverter Assemblies

  • Damper Assemblies

  • Switching Valve

  • Tank Isolation

  • Fuel Gas Shut-off

  • Injection and Production Chokes

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Vinson is a Stocking Distributor of On-Off Valves, Actuators, and Accessories From the Most Reputable Lines in the Industry.The Vinson Valve Automation Group is experienced in helping customers choose the appropriate automated valve components to meet their specific application. Valves and actuators are selected and sized based on the process conditions provided, customer standardization preferences, application requirements, and economics of the project. Instruments such as positioners, limit switches, solenoid valves, pressure pilots, quick exhausts, volume boosters, speed controls, position beacons, and manual overrides can be easily included in the assembled package. Vinson also handles the sourcing and installation of all mountings, couplings, and brackets to complete the assembly.

Assured Performance, Verified, and Confirmed

No Automation Job is Complete at Vinson Until Every Valve Package is Tested and approved. No automation job is complete at Vinson until every valve package is tested and approved. Valve assemblies are cycle tested to confirm that the full open and close positions are achieved and that the valve strokes smoothly in both directions. If required, stroke speeds are verified and limit switch settings are confirmed. For instrument panel assemblies, Vinson tests full operation and conducts a pressure test to ensure no tubing or fitting leaks. Our standard is to provide an assembly that is installation ready when it reaches the customerís location.

Vinson is a stocking distributor of on-off valves, actuators, and accessories from the most reputable lines in the industry. In addition, we have the experience and personnel to get the job done on time and within budget.   

Vinson Process Controls Companyís valve automation group has grown out of the roots of Vinson Supply Company. Vinson Supply Company had a long heritage as one of the leading quarter turn valve suppliers in the Southwest. When the Pipe Division of Vinson Supply was sold, Vinson Process Controls continued this heritage with the same processes, attention to exacting detail and many of the same people as Vinson Supply. You can count on the Vinson name when you have a valve automation project that must be done on schedule, on budget and according to plan.

Vinson Supply Company and the Vinson Supply mark are trademarks of Vinson Process Controls Company, L. P.


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