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Vinson's Specialty Products Group customizes instrument panels for automated block valves which are used in various applications including high/low pressure shutoff, over pressure protection, and emergency shut-down. These panels consist of a combination of regulators, filters, instrument relief valves, solenoid valves, pressure pilots, pilot operated valves, manual reset valves, pressure switches, needle valves, or block valves. The panel is configured so that multiple conditions such as downstream high or low pressure can cause the valve to move to the designated closed or open position. When the specified conditions occur, a pressure pilot will cause the valve to close. Other features can be added such as an optional manual reset requiring an operator to reset the panel before the valve can be opened again.   

Let Vinson Help you Select and Configure an Instrument Panel for Your Particular NeedsAdditional features can be added as needed. For example, an additional solenoid valve can be incorporated into the panel assembly allowing RTU controls. Or, pilot-operated valves can be added which cause the valve to close if a high moisture or other undesirable condition exists. Another possibility includes the addition of needle valves and speed control devices to help control the opening and closing speeds of automated block valves.   



Assembled from a Ready Stock of Field-Proven Components

Vinson tests the full operation of all instrument panel assemblies, including a pressure test to ensure no tubing or fitting leaks. Let Vinson help you select and configure an instrument panel for your particular needs.

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