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Vinson has the Product Array Necessary to Meet Your Specifications. Performance Equals Dependability

Vinson is proud to represent the finest manufacturers of quarter turn valves in the market. We stock a large inventory of floating ball valves, trunnion ball valves, severe service metal seated ball valves, and high performance butterflies. In addition, we handle -- fabricated dampers, rubber lined butterfly valves, triple-offset valves, and special requirement valves -- on request. If you have special needs such as high pressure, high temperature, erosive applications, or corrosive materials, Vinson has the product array necessary to meet your specifications. 

Performance Through Technical Know-How

Performance through Technical Know-How,

The WKM / CAMERON brand is one of the best known brands in the marketplace for reliable floating ball, trunnion ball, and butterfly valves. These valves are offered in a large variety of pressure ranges, sizes, and materials to meet your specifications. DynaSeal ball valves and Dynacentric butterfly valves have been the workhorse valves in the hydrocarbon and chemical industries for many years. With multiple trims and body configurations, WKM has the diverse product mix necessary to meet your needs. Beyond the 12-inch size range for WKM trunnion ball valves, Vinson handles Cameron welded configuration or Grove 3-Piece valves up to 42 inches. 


JC Trueline

Delivering Excellence in Standard and Custom Valves, TRUELINE 

Trueline valves are rugged, economical valves that are particularly favored in industrial applications. Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality assurance requirements and all applicable ASME and API standards, these valves have especially low torques which can allow use of a less powerful, less expensive actuator in the package. Available in full or reduced port and 150 and 300 pound flanged configurations, these soft seat valves have stood the test of time. Please specify either carbon or stainless when ordering.  

Fisher Posi-Seal

High Performance Butterfly Valves, Fisher® POSI-SEAL®

The Fisher POSI-SEAL A41, A31A, and A11 high performance butterfly valves provide excellent shutoff in a broad array of applications. With sizes ranging from 2 inch through 72 inch, ANSI classes up to 900 pound and several different seat configurations, the POSI-SEAL line is one of the industries most versatile and widely used high performance butterfly valves. In addition to the standard soft seat design, POSI-SEAL also offers a NOVEX metal seat and the Fire-Tested Phoenix III seat. Other options include sour service capabilities for fluids and gasses that meet NACE requirements and special extensions for cryogenic services. ENVIRO-SEAL®  packing which controls fugitive emissions below the EPA standard of 100 ppm for valves is also available in the POSI-SEAL line.   


Precisely Designed for Superior Function, Taylor Valve Technology, Inc.

Taylor Valve Technology, Inc's
choke valves and safety relief valves are precisely designed utilizing the latest developments in materials and design practices in order to meet demanding specifications of the process application. All of Taylor Valve Technology, Inc.choke valves are designed and manufactured to API and ASME Code specifications guaranteeing a quality product you can rely on.  All of Taylor Valve Technology, Inc.'s Safety Relief Valves are suitable for use in Air, Gas or Liquid relief applications and most are in compliance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section I and Section VII, Division.

Zero-Leak Performance, Zwick 

For zero-leak performance in ANSI 150 – 600 pound applications, try the Zwick Tri-Con metal seated valve. Instead of the usual double offset design, the Tri-Con incorporates a unique third offset which allows for true conical seating. The result is a metal-seated, zero-leak valve that is inherently fire safe. The Zwick Tri-Con also features bidirectional shutoff capability and has excellent emission control characteristics that meet all standard requirements for fugitive emissions.   


Meeting Your Difficult Application Requirements,

Dampers are generally utilized for both on-off and throttling in low pressure applications where a traditional control valve is not economical. In addition to providing basic steel dampers for general applications, Shan-Rod fabricates dampers from alternative materials that allow them to be applied in specialized applications such as high temperature and corrosive services. Shan-Rod’s three-way T diverters can be utilized where turbine exhaust gases are channeled into heat recovery steam generators. Dampers are available in manual as well as automated models and can be equipped with solenoids and switches for on-off applications or positioners and position transmitters for throttling applications.

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