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  • Fouling Service
  • Molten Fluids
  • Cavity Free Applications
  • High Intensity Pressure Protection Systems
  • Emergency Shutdown

  • LNG Liquefaction Terminals
  • LNG Regasification Terminals
  • Peak Shaving Plants
  • LNG Bunkering
  • FSRU
  • FLNG
  • LNG Fueling
  • LNG Ships
  • Gas Fractionation Plants
  • Ethylene Storage
  • Rocket Engine Testing
  • Air Separation
  • Emergency Shutdown
Avoid Temperature Concerns
Avoid Temperature Concerns
The AEV design eliminates the ball cavity to improve safety and enables mechanically assured shutoff for zero leakage performance, despite extremes in temperature and pressure.
Reduce Fugitive Emissions
Molecular Sieve
Reduce Fugitive Emissions
The AEV 2XC ball valve excels in molecular sieve switching applications with its unique design that ensures reliable zero leakage isolation. The ball valve's friction-free quarter turn rotation allows for long lasting performance.
Ensure Performance
Rocket Engine Testing
Ensure Performance
The AEV 2XC ball valve’s superior design is in a class of its own when it comes to reliable performance in extreme cryogenic applications. The team also has the experience and application expertise to custom-engineer bespoke solutions.
Reduce Maintenance
Severe Service
Reduce Maintenance
The AEV 2XC ball valve’s unique "C" ball design ensures reliable isolation and long service life by eliminating the ball and seat cavity, and with it the risk of particulate build up that causes the serious reliability issues in traditional ball valves.

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