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Vinson & Emerson Pressure Regulator and Relief Valve Webinar Registration


We have closed online registration. If you would like to attend the meeting and did not get a chance to sign up, please contact Shanti Terry to check availability for attending this webinar. 

Shanti Terry
Join Us For a Pressure Regulator and Pressure Relief Valve Webinar

Join Us For a Pressure Regulator and Pressure Relief Valve Webinar

The Fisher and Anderson Greenwood product lines were created in part for the natural gas pipeline industry a century ago.  Both companies are now under the ownership of Emerson and representation of Impact Partners like Vinson Process Controls.  The products of these industry leading companies are being showcased over a series of training sessions to provide a better understanding of how companies can achieve safe and reliable pressure control within their systems.

Event Details

Date: May 20, 2020

Time: 9-11 am

Location: Online (GoToMeeting)


Emerson Automation Solutions:
Jeff Welch - Regional Sales Mgr., Pressure Management
Jeff Hoffman - Regional Sales Mgr., Pressure Management
Teddy Tilahun - PRV & Tank Area Growth Mgr., Pressure Management

Vinson Process Controls: Todd Matherly - Account Manager
Ryan Hetzer - Business Development Mgr., Pressure Management
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