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Systems Account Manager, Process Systems and Solutions

Lewisville, TX
Nov 9, 2023
Vinson Process Controls, a leading provider of process performance and reliability solutions, is offering an opportunity for a Systems Account Manager, based out of our Lewisville, TX location. Vinson Process Controls is an Emerson Impact Partner with an 80+ year history of developing process automation solutions for major industrial manufacturers in the Southwest.

The Systems Account Manager must be a profit improver, a partner whose expertise and experience in the customers' businesses can help the customer increase the amount, speed, and certainty of their KPIs and 
outcomes. The effective Systems Account Manager will understand the customer's business, Vinson's offerings and how they can be applied, and
communicate the value effectively to generate profit for both the customer and Vinson.

The scope of solutions will be primarily those of Emerson Automation Solutions, Process Systems and Solutions Division (DeltaV Control System and Services), supplemented with other Vinson products and control system services, or those of 3rd Parties as required in meeting or exceeding the customer's profit targets.

The role requires account management at corporate headquarters, end user sites, and third parties, covering the North Texas, East Texas, and Southwest Arkansas markets, working with a cross-functional team to cover these accounts.
Understanding the Customer
•  Maintains a high degree of industry knowledge and awareness, including trends, technology advancement, and
significant accomplishments by others in the business, state of the competition, significant events related to our business and the customer's businesses.
•  Identify, establish, and maintain business relationships with sponsors who influence the selection of Vinson’s
solutions; and with Power Sponsors who have authority to be final decision makers.
•  Maintain a thorough understanding of the customers' business, including their products and processes, markets
served, key customers, industry dynamics that affect the customers' business and events that influence the
customer's profits.
•  Identify the customer's Critical Success Factors, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), and key initiatives in order to support development of account plans, sales strategies, and project justifications.
•  Document quantifiable business results with sponsors and power sponsors.
Understand the Solution
•  Identify recurring problems and complete thorough diagnosis to understand requirements and 
potential solutions.
•  Select those problems which can be solved by using Vinson’s products and services.
•  Act as a scope architect to generally describe potential solutions.
•  Develop the business value messages offered by the solution alternatives.
•  Quantify the value of the PlantWeb digital ecosystem in terms of customers KPI’s and build business justification
for the investment.
•  Act as a consultant to assist in the customers’ selection of the best alternative which should optimize the profit for both companies.
Communicate and Sell the Solution
•  Lead the identification and qualification of selected opportunities.
•  Develop, implement, and maintain an account strategy that maximizes the profit generation for Vinson, including
crafting a value proposition for continuous improvement that sustains the business relationship.
•  Responsible for providing solutions of uncompromising quality to the customer. Has the authority to stop those processes at any time that are believed to be compromising quality.
•  Prepare and Communicate sales plans, advancements, and results to Vinson and Vendor Management

Education, Skills and/or Experience:
•  Bachelor of Science degree in a scientific/technical discipline with engineering preferred from 
an accredited college/university OR demonstrated successful industry experience.
•  At least 3-5 years sales experience, including dealing with complex selling situations (such as corporate accounts, long sales cycles, multiple decision makers)
•  Excellent written and verbal communications skills and shall be comfortable with public speaking/presentations.
•  Knowledge of DCS and/or PLC automation, including HMI and L3 applications, for the process industries
•  Ability to remain effective when dealing with multiple concurrent issues and/or with ambiguous situations.
•  Good computer use skills and ability to thrive with new technology.
•  Ability to work as a member of a team with other account managers during the development of business and with a cross-functional team (such as engineers and technicians) during the fulfillment of business.

Physical and Mental:
•  Ability to travel at least 75% of a work day in a car.
•  Shall be able to lift and carry weight of at least 40 pounds (primarily demo equipment and customer equipment).
•  Shall be able to “walk through” plant sites, including climbing ladders and being “safety” aware.
•  Overnight travel of approximately 35% is estimated for this position. Travel will be primarily by auto, but some air travel may be required.