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Production Optimization, Safety & Compliance
Oil and gas producers need to achieve exceptional performance in more than just optimization.

Oil and gas producers need to achieve exceptional performance in more than just optimization.

Site safety and compliance are also important operational considerations, which can challenge operators. Local nuances in regulatory standards and infrastructure make it difficult to implement one-size-fits all standards within and across plays. Operators need access to experts who understand these local differences and can help them source the solutions they need to achieve operational goals. 

Industry Solutions

Our team has a breadth of application experience and process knowledge across a wide variety of industries and solutions. Browse Production Optimization, Safety & Compliance industry solutions below.

Choose best-in-class valve and actuation technologies 


Automated Emergency Shutdown and Choke valves are critical for safely limiting or shutting down prolific wells, providing flow management for severe service such as high erosion and high-pressure conditions.

Keep your site safe by trusting our experts to help with the proper application of valve and automation solutions.

When it comes to site safety, trust the best.

We are the leading provider of pneumatic actuation, emergency shutdown (ESD) valves, and automation solutions in our territory. Our team of experts provide proven and reliable solutions to safely shut down production or limit the flow of a prolific well. The automation experience for ESD is customized for pad design and operational needs using electric, hydraulic or pneumatic actuation valves supplied by the superior series of KTM Virgo Series and Bettis valves. Customers seeking safe and efficient emergency shutdown capabilities rely on our experts for complete valve and automation solutions.


Achieve production optimization with advanced control and automation 

Advanced control and automation provide significant opportunity for production optimization.

We provide a fit-for-purpose solution to help optimize your production process.

Combining technological innovation with operational input from world producers has allowed Emerson to create proven optimization solutions. The Emerson Production Manager applications employ the ROC and FloBoss series of products for industry solutions derived from the aggregate of over 20 years of development and expertise in production optimization.

Choose best-in-class valve and actuation technologies 

Increasingly, oil and gas operators are facing pressure to meet evolving environmental compliance standards.

Failing to be in compliance can result in hefty fines.

Many of the products and solutions we provide lead the market in meeting regulatory compliance standards such as emissions mitigation. 

Contact us today to learn more about our low-to-no bleed products.

We provide solutions that support all critical operational goals.

As a member of the Emerson Impact Partner network, we have access to regional experts who are well-versed in operational efficiency, safety, and environmental compliance standards local to your operations across North America.
Increase site safety
Access support, wherever your operations take you
Improve site reliability

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