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COVID-19: We Remain Open for Business

March 20, 2020
To our valued customers, suppliers, partners, and friends,
There is no higher priority than the health, safety and well-being of Vinson’s employees, customers and business partners – and all of your families and friends.  I sincerely hope that that you are all remaining as safe as possible through these trying, uncertain times.
As I am sure you all are, Vinson and its employees are adjusting our daily lives to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.  We continue to monitor the ongoing global events and will adapt and update our responses accordingly.  We are working to protect the health of our employees and restrict exposure while ensuring that we continue to support our customers’ business needs.
As a valued customer, I want you to know that we fully understand the importance of the products and services we provide to your business.  We understand that we hold a great responsibility to ensure we continue to provide products and services to you.  Rest assured, we are tirelessly working to implement new business practices so that we can continue to provide exceptional service to you.
We are taking the following actions to protect our employees, their families, and the general spread to the public. 
  • We are providing an increasingly more remote workforce, but all Vinson locations currently remain open albeit with reduced staffs. 
  • We have locked our doors with signs posted, and are screening visitors via a set of questions
  • We have suspended air travel until further notice.
  • Wherever possible, we are asking our teams to either reschedule in-person meetings or conduct those meetings by phone or WebEx. 
  • Cleaning services at our locations have been increased, including additional deep cleaning and sanitizing procedures.
  • We are in frequent contact with our vendors to ensure they have the appropriate business continuity plans in place to support us.
  • Monitoring and following all CDC guidelines.
While taking these and other precautions, I assure you that we are ready, willing and able to assist you with all of your business needs.  Our phones continue to be monitored, and office lines are being forwarded to the mobile phones of our remote-working personnel.  Our sales staff will continue to assist with application questions, respond to inquiries and quotation requests, answer technical questions, and process orders.  Additionally, we are committed to providing service personnel to support your ongoing operations under the guidance of the CDC and WHO recommendations, while also following the increasing public health policy restrictions and your own company policies. 
We are maintaining regular contact with our suppliers and business partners to identify any potential supply chain interruptions.  Our goal is to understand and mitigate any issues to the extent possible before they impact your business.  We are also committed to keeping active, open communication with you regarding your orders to minimize any potential disruption to your business.
As this situation grows and evolves we will continue to provide safeguards for our employees and their families, while providing you the exceptional service that you have come to expect from Vinson. We are truly grateful for the trust that you put in Vinson to help your company succeed.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know how we can help you through the current and upcoming challenges.
Al Griggs, President of Vinson Process Controls