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ProductionManager™ Well Optimization (PMWO) allows you to optimize production based on industry standard methods.
This application provides your operation with continuous, real-time optimization of production as well as surface and downhole analytics. Optimization setpoints can be managed manually or by utilizing PMWO’s auto-adjust capabilities. PMWO records optimization statistics needed to identify key trends, allowing you to better manage your decline curves. 

PMWO leverages ProductionManager™ Equipment Module (PMEQ) well objects for use in well optimization, speeding deployment by simplifying configuration. In order to meet API 20.5 well testing guidelines, PMWO intuitively interacts with ProductionManager™ Well Test to optimize the well, when appropriate


  • Plunger Lift Optimization: Intermitter, continuous or conventional plunger | Extensive list of user-adjustable, open/close and lift triggers | Auto-adjust and user-defined options available | Gas Assisted Plunger Lift (GAPL) optimization
  • Gas Lift Optimization: Oil or gas maximum production or efficiency | Economic gas lift optimization based on maximizing revenue | Plunger Assisted Gas Lift (PAGL) optimization | Downhole mandrel valve startup sequencing and operating status
  • Wellhead Analytics: Plunger cycle and gas lift logs | Hagedorn-Brown bottom hole pressure calculation | Coleman Turner critical flow calculation (surface and bottom hole) | Foss & Gaul opening pressure calculation | Heading detection | Plunger data and statistics tracking
  • Comprehensive supporting feature set: DP kick arrival detection, swabbing, pressure build test, etc.
  • Automated Choke Add-In: ProductionManager Automated Choke Add-In allows the control of new high-pressure wells during and after flowback through freeflow until artificial lift is required. The user can manage tubing pressure decline rates with automated ramp and soak control to protect surface equipment and safely manage well startup. The automated choke control also has integrated PID control for the choke that allows for up to 7 PID overrides.