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Vinson's Chemical Manager application tracks chemical information including date/time data like fill date and expiration/shelf life.
Our application supports many different injection methods including concentration targets, time cycle and pre-defined concentration. It allows for multiple program sizes dependent on number of chemicals and injection points and controls single or shared pumps, header controls and system purging.


  • REAL-TIME INJECTION OPTIMIZATION: Vinson’s Chemical Manager provides real-time injection optimization that improves production availability and helps prevent over- and under-dosing issues that usually result in increased costs and unintended effects. Leveraging real time data input from your well automation RTU the application will only dose what is needed when it is needed resulting in increase savings in your lease operating expenses. Our application is a fully configurable system that allows for more flexibility over well life cycles.
  • INVENTORY LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT: The accurate and timely verification of chemical billing statements in our inventory logistics management feature allows for optimal tank refilling based on actual demand. With real-time inventory and event monitoring, you can gain valuable insights into your operation and its impact on production including notification of failed equipment or leaking tanks.
  • SCADA INTEGRATION: Vinson’s chemical manager reacts faster to exception-based conditions and allows for effective delivery of chemicals across the field. You can capture and deploy the best practices and field-wide decisions with our full-scale SCADA integration.