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Vinson’s Local Display Manager utilizes the best-in-class Beijer display that supports standard ROC operational display functions as well as all ProductionManager EDGE™ applications.

The application is configured via ROCLink (does not require third-party programming tools) and provides a secure truck haul interface. The configurable user-defined tabular, generic well site equipment, and annunciator display options give you the flexibility you need to display custom data as needed. The application support user defined menu navigation and supports output to printer for load-out transactions. It is configured to use the same ROC security configuration from your connected RTU. Working with your Emerson Impact Partners, this application also supports the ability to incorporate end user defined displays as part of the solution.


  • CONFIGURABLE OFF-THE-SHELF SOLUTION: Vinson’s Local Display Manager is an all-in-one solution that comes off the shelf fully configured via ROCLink and Field Tools Software. The application provides user lists, ROC security and prebuilt graphics for standard functionality. Local Display Manager supports Well Test Manager, Gas Control Manager, Cause and Effect, Chemical Manager, Tank Manager and Well Optimization. It allows users to see standard alarms and events on the HMI as well as managing API class based bypasses incorporated in the Surface Controls application.
  • SECURE LACT/TRUCK HAULING HMI INTERFACE WITH TICKET PRINTING: Vinson’s Local Display Manager boasts a secure HMI interface with SCADA-managed security stored locally. It allows you to configure your procedures and requirements and transport company database information from SCADA, and has configurable ticket layouts of data for loading and unloading information including turndowns to be a part of a fully API 18.2 compliant implementation. It also has the option to add additonal HMIs (up to 6 total) to support parallel operation of additional LACTs or loadouts.
  • Vinson’s real-time trending feature provides chart screens that are accessible from front screen display buttons. The application can provide daily charts with 1 second resolution or monthly charts with 1 minute resolution. Charts allow up to 5 variables each and the data stored in the HMI can be retrieved via a USB flash drive as needed. The charts are able to be scaled and can be scrolled from the oldest data point to the newest as needed.