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Vinson’s Modbus Interface Manager (MIM) application provides quick configuration of a Modbus connection without knowing details about the Modbus register mapping.

It contains a drop-down database of many commonly used devices in oil & gas production and midstream automation as well as a “Virtual IO” for each register making the data available for use within the RTU database tree. With advanced diagnostics per device (not just per port), the application allows for easy debugging of communications issues and alarming on the Modbus values collected.


  • Input communication parameters such as Modbus address, baud rate, data bits, stop bits and parity. Pre-mapped Modbus registers will be collected automatically and assigned as virtual I/O in the RTU database. Alarms can be created for each individual variable collected just like an I/O point.
  • ADVANCED DIAGNOSTICS: MIM has the ability to poll mutliple devices per communications port. Diagnostics include the communication port as well as each communication statistics for each individual Modbus device being polled.
  • Rosemount Radar Gauge
  • Rosemount Mag Meter (next rev)
  • MicroMotion Coriolis
  • Micromotion Densitometers
  • Micromotion Viscosity
  • Daniel Ultrasonic, Mark II & III
  • Sick Maihak Ultrasonic
  • Instromet Ultrasonic
  • Elpro
  • Accutech
  • Fisher Easy Drive
  • Murphy S1501
  • Murphy TTD
  • Murphy TDXM
  • Murphy Centurion C3 & C4
  • Freewave IO Radios
  • MDS NETio
  • Altronic DD-NTS & NTV
  • Altronic DE-2000 & 3000
  • Flexim Ultrasonic
  • Wellmark Chemical Pump
  • Platinum Burner Management