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Vinson’s RocBusIP application provides data sharing between Emerson's ROC800 and FloBoss 107 RTUs.

The user program is installed into a ROC800 (the client) and puts data sessions in groups of up to 60 values or “datasets” (720 bytes/3 polls maximum) to be requested from the other RTUs (the servers). The application uses native ROC protocol so there is no need to configure the server RTUs as they will respond automatically to the ROC protocol poll from the client. The software allows up to 24 data sets and marks sessions as either “Read” or “Write” datasets which can be refreshed at a 2 second rate for the entire 24 data sets combined.


  • CONFIGURE ALL ROCBUSIP COMMUNICATIONS IN ROC800 CLIENT RTU ONLY: Allows the user to configure site shared data needs in a single RTU vs. using Modbus communications which require matched configurations in multiple RTUs. This method reduces debugging, complexity and time to implement future site changes...
  • CLIENT SERVER: Allows the user to collect data from multiple ROC800 or FB107 RTUs for use in local controls without impacting SCADA communications to any other RTUs on the same network. Data for decision making does not need to travel to SCADA host and back to the field saving time and SCADA backhaul bandwidth.
  • DATA CONCENTRATOR: Similar to the Client Server architecture the user can collect data from multiple ROC800 or FB107 RTUs for use in local controls but may also desire to leverage the ability to transmit that data back to SCADA from a single backhaul communication source reducing infrastructure costs.