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Vinson’s Surface Control Manager application is equipped with a configurable control logic module that fully supports Math and Boolean logic operators and boasts browse-able parameters, including parameters and interlocks from other suite applications.

Surface Control Manager comes fully equipped to support API industry standard class-based logic bypasses allowing for maintenance or startup operations as needed. The application gives you easy to use chained action blocks, accumulators and timers as well as configurable alarming of “soft” values like Modbus serial data.


  • SIMPLE CONTROL LOGIC WITH API CLASS-BASED BYPASS CAPABILITY: Vinson’s simple control logic with API class-based bypass capability allows you to set the logic block name, use an input’s live value in comparison to a setpoint or other live value, leveraging delay timers and deadbands in your logic as needed to give you a logic flag output. Our application provides for time or event based bypasses which can be used in combination as well as a manual latched bypass to bypass the logic flag output. Outputs or actions from the logic block or chained block can be implemented as permanent or temporary shutdowns, discrete outputs, data movement or can be tied to permissives from other applications like a well shutdown.
  • UTILITY TOOLS YOU NEED: Vinson’s Surface Control Manager (PMSC) supports up to 192 action blocks and 48 sets of utilities with four versions of the program (each with increasing quantities of action blocks and utilities). PMSC utilities have effects that provide a flexible output action like shutting a valve for example. This allows an effect to be utilized by several logic block outputs with the check of a box. PMSC also includes configurable time counters for pumps, compressors or other needs, and accumulators to average or totalize any input (discrete, analog, pulse, rate) that provide an easy-to-configure method of driving an analog output of the result as desired. The accumulator also provides previous/current hour/day/month totals of the variable as well.
  • CALCULATION BLOCKS: Capable of virtually all math functions executable in the ROC800 and FB107's Function Sequence Table (FST) programming language, it also supports functions like: math, comparison, bitwise or Boolean logic, and arrays. Special functions include: sum, power, modulus, absolute, min/max, integer, if, and other typical spreadsheet formula functions. The intuitive expression editor provides character error feedback of incorrectly entered expressions, as well as verification of valid expressions with numerical result. Boolean Fan of discrete and integer values provides a method for increased throughput of data across Distributed RTU (DRTU) nodes by packing/unpacking several bytes of data into a single floating point data point.