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Data Portal - Data Integration & Visualization

Enabling an Integrated Workflow

Through open protocols, operational data is centralized and contextualized from disparate data sources.  The data is delivered to subject matter experts with personalized content and dashboards.

Closing the Loop on Understanding Asset Health

Learn how Plantweb Optics brings together data from parallel environments to create a holistic view of asset health.

Collaboration for Better Operations Management

The PlantWeb Optics mobile application delivers relevant information to your mobile device of choice so you stay connected to what is going on in your facility.  Regardless where subject matter experts are located, better collaboration and decision making is made possible by allowing users to view the status and details of the enterprise from a single app.
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Get a comprehensive view with an accurate diagnosis

Gathering data from AMS Machinery Manager enables you to understand the health of your rotating mechanical assets and plan for repairs rather than react to failures. Your facility can achieve increased availability and performance from production assets, rather than experience expensive downtime and costly repairs.