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What are the key business drivers behind leveraging Rod Pump Analytics?
  • Eliminate labor hours for manual analysis
  • Utilize constant, automated analysis instead of relying on spot-checks
  • Optimize and reduce human decision-making for anomalies
  • Reduce unexpected downtime and resulting workover costs, through automatically responding to changes in operating conditions and alerting operators to potential issues
  • Maximize production using the least amount of capital  
  • Minimize the effort required to retrofit the well and keep it running with the highest possible output
  • Increase safety within your organization through enabling reduced site visits and less windshield time
  • Use the smallest number of resources to add these additional lift capabilities to the wells and operate the well, given that labor is a significant proportion of operating costs, especially in remote locations
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Zedi Cloud SCADA Solutions have proven themselves repeatedly throughout their 20+ years of existence. The platform has enabled Producers to increase their dividends year after year. If you don’t trust Zedi, trust Emerson Automation Solutions
. Emerson acquired Zedi in 2019 because of the proven results the Zedi SCADA platform can provide. They saw the potential, and we’re hoping you can too. The one thing we know Emerson for is its insatiable appetite for solving industries’ toughest challenges. Contact us today to provide us with an opportunity to prove the power and accuracy of Zedi today.
The answer is Rod Pump Analytics.
We understand your need for high resolution data. In addition to rapidly changing regulations, you also need to maximize your available labor force, all while keeping up with production goals. It’s a delicate balance, and you need the right data to make the right decisions. Zedi analytics solutions deliver a high-return for a minimal investment. You can easily add analytical solutions to your existing systems, so there’s no need for an expensive overhaul of your operation.
Zedi analytics give you a true window into your processes, going far beyond simple notifications and alerts. The Zedi analytics system offers specificity, so that you can make real-time decisions for optimal results. With machine learning and AI technology, you can fully automate what you like, or benefit from optimized predictive maintenance. You choose your journey.
Using the Zedi Cloud SCADA Solutions platform, you can now provide your staff with secure, real-time, easy-to-read production data regardless of when or where they need it. Zedi’s purpose is to drive stronger business decisions at every level. The platform works by compiling data from any digital monitoring hardware via gateways that support a variety of protocols. In addition, end users receive access to a web interface, as well as the ability to push data to third party platforms, allowing remote control and optimization via cloud-based data access. With unparalleled advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, Zedi is the best choice for producers who want the most accurate data anytime. Contact us today to discover how our Cloud SCADA Solutions will help you better manage your operations and drive greater productivity.