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About Us

Our core values & integrity remain constant, but our services adapt to an ever-changing world.

With over 80 years of experience in North, East and West Texas, Western Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and the Four Corners region— we are dedicated to serving your process needs. 

Our mission is to unlock your industrial facility's full potential by delivering enhanced performance through automation technology. Our expertise spans many different end user applications involving Process Control and Safety Systems, Remote Automation Solutions and SCADA, Control Valves and Regulators, Isolation and Safety Valves, among many others.

We began as Vinson Supply Company, founded in 1937.
In 1939, our founder, Bailie Vinson, shook hands with Bill Fisher on a deal to distribute control valves and regulators to an emerging process industry. What started as a small company focused on supplying Fisher Control Valves was developed and grown into Vinson Process Controls, and we've come a long way since then. Our strong commitment to world-class customer service has never wavered. We continue to be passionate about closely collaborating with our customers to truly understand how to solve business challenges and improve their operations. 

Partnership with Emerson

Partnership with Emerson

Emerson is a global technology and engineering company that provides innovative solutions for customers in multiple markets. Across North America, Emerson partners with local companies to assist with the delivery of key technologies to industrial customers. Vinson Process Controls serves the Southwest region as a strategic partner to Emerson.
Photo of exterior building at Vinson Process controls in Lewisville TX

Vinson Process Controls | Process Management Supplier | Lewisville, TX

Emerson Impact Partner Network
Join the Vinson Team!

Join the Vinson Team!

Vinson Process Controls offers its employees a myriad of opportunities to excel in the process control industry. We're searching for a few "A" players to represent the best product lines in the industry.

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