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Produced Fluids Separation
Impurities and byproducts in your process cause problems and lower the quality of the end product. 

Impurities and byproducts in your process cause problems and lower the quality of the end product. 

Often, achieving a superior end product depends on the effectiveness and efficiency of a separator. Regardless of their orientation or the number of phases, oil and gas separators require accurate control to maintain optimal conditions through the distilling process.

Industry Solutions

Our team has a breadth of application experience and process knowledge across a wide variety of industries and solutions. Browse Produced Fluids Separation industry solutions below.

Achieve unparalleled measurement accuracy over a wide range of operating conditions


Production Management is a critical component to midstream oil and gas processes.  

Measurements of produced liquids or gases need to be extremely accurate; small errors add up quickly and create financial risk.

When money changes hands, precision matters.

Accurately measure large volumes of produced fluids and gas with our solutions. Our best-in-class flow measurement technologies and solutions for oil and gas operators help reduce nominal error and meet regulatory standards.

Protect downstream assets confidently


Without reliable overpressure protection, separators can be dangerous.

Separators can have very high pressures. An overpressure situation can cause extensive damage to the facility and place workers and the environment in harm's way. 

Pressure safety valves (PSVs) on a separator vessel help prevent overpressure. 

Our team has years of experience providing the proper technologies for overpressure protection applications. We provide around-the-clock access to local relief valve inventory. Our valve services team also provides mobile service to test PSVs on site to help you meet regulatory standards. This service reduces downtime and helps ensure your maintenance schedule is met.

Reduce production losses and measurement uncertainty 


The right instrumentation is critical for effective separator operation. 

Level control in a separator controls the interface between the water and the oil (liquid hydrocarbons). There must be sufficient time to create a layer of oil above the free water. The water controller controls the interface level by creating a pad between the water and oil. A weir is used to separate the oil from the water and another controller is used to control the oil level. The natural gas flows on the top of the separator. To maintain the interface level and ensure optimal production out of the separator, the instrumentation is integral to the process.

Trust our team with your level management solutions.

Our team has a wide breadth of solutions for separator level controls. Whether it’s pneumatic or electronic technologies, we have the solution that fits your needs. We work with industry-leading OEMs and contractors to provide level control solutions to the fabricators and contractors with whom you are partnering. 

Increase Site Safety

For many onshore oil and gas operators, flaring can be a very important piece of site safety.

The flare helps safely dispose of sour and waste gas. It is important to configure flaring systems correctly with proper control and safety devices to ensure the system functions as intended.

We provide several top-of-the-line engineered technologies that support safe and reliable emergency system operation.

Protect your plant equipment, reduce downtime and minimize the risk to plant personnel with our flare system solutions.


Take control of high pressure situations and choose the ideal solution for controlling level​

Onshore production volumes and flows are not always predictable.

Inlet process flows can vary from medium to high pressures. Operators need level control they can trust to preform in a variety of conditions.

Emerson's Fisher™ valves provide a wide variety of digital, pneumatic, and electronic instruments which control variables such as level, pressure, or temperature.

For example, the Fisher™ L2 Liquid Level Controller uses a displacer type sensor to detect liquid level or the interface of two liquids of different specific gravities. This controller is ideal for controlling level on gas separators and scrubbers. The reliability of the Type L2 design makes it well suited for high pressure liquid level applications in natural gas production, compression, and processing. As Emerson's Impact Partner in North America, our team is proud to bring you leading level control technologies by Fisher™.


As the local experts in measurement, automation and process controls, our team works with you to develop customized solutions to optimize your separator package.

Trust our experts to help resource the proper controls and instrumentation for your separator package. We have experience providing cost-effective solutions that meet regulatory compliance standards and drive optimal productivity. 
Optimize separator performance
Meet regulatory compliance
Ensure proper controls and instrumentation

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