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Our team has a breadth of application experience and process knowledge across a wide variety of industries and solutions. Browse Wellhead industry solutions below.

Communicate reliably with your remote assets


Device communication with your remote assets is important regardless of how close or far each node is from the central communication point.

Operators need to pass data seamlessly and securely across the wellpad to achieve reliable operations. 

Today, efficient gas lift oil production is more than mechanics.

Field applications have demonstrated that 5-10% improvements in production can be achieved by applying continuous automatic control along with optimization techniques. A key factor to the success of these projects is the selection of a suitable Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) to manage the wellhead's activities. Emerson’s remote telemetry solutions include the FB, ROC and FloBoss RTU product lines. These devices allow Customers to standardize measurement for varying well pad sizes and composition, with the reliability to accommodate challenges arising from expanding complex pad sites. These technologies deliver precise measurement, monitoring, and local control for gas lift optimization.


Increase safety with reliable emergency shutdown


Often, wellpads and processing facilities lack dependable external power sources.

This can make your critical safety system, the ESD or emergency shutdown, unreliable. Ever-evolving local government regulations may also influence safety system design to address growing concerns about emissions, contamination and public safety. As a result, operators today need to select the right ESD equipment for their onshore oil and gas operations. 

We are the leading provider of pneumatic actuation, ESD valves, and automation solutions in our territory.

Our team of experts provide proven and reliable solutions to help safely shut-down your production or limit the flow of a prolific well. We customize and automate ESD and choke valves using electric, hydraulic or pneumatic actuation packages supplied by Emerson KTM Virgo Series, your own valves, and Emerson Bettis actuators. Customers seeking safe and efficient emergency shutdown capabilities rely on our experts for complete valve and automation solutions.


Our team helps you take advantage of Emerson’s cost-effective wellhead monitoring and automation solutions, like Smart Wireless technology.

We can help you configure these tools for your specific operational needs so you can remotely access and control your onshore oil and gas assets. These tools provide access to reliable data, help your team identify and prevent integrity issues, and optimize well production without manual intervention. 
Gain actionable insights
Optimize processes with digital tools
Increase wellhead integrity
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