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Well Pad Automation & SCADA Well Pad Automation & SCADA
Data collected from the field is critical.

Data collected from the field is critical.

It is essential to have a system that provides users with a single source of information from the wellhead to the control room for operational, engineering, and corporate business users.

Industry Solutions

Our team has a breadth of application experience and process knowledge across a wide variety of industries and solutions. Browse Well Pad Automation & SCADA industry solutions below.

Industry Leading Custody Transfer Measurement and Automation Solutions


Faulty and/or inaccurate flow and allocation measurement can negatively impact the optimization and profitability of oil & gas well operations.

A Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) System specifically measures liquid hydrocarbon net volumes. A LACT unit can be helpful when custody transfer measurement of large volumes of liquids are required. This system can be helpful when transporting large amounts of liquids from a well pad to a pipeline. While these systems are useful, they rely on quality data measurements, so it is important to deploy the correct system for your operational needs. 

Accurate and repeatable measurement results are key to gaining insight into well production for field management and optimization. 

To help minimize over/under allocation, we offer cost-effective tools and extensive expertise to help determine fluid composition, enhance mass and density measurement, and ensure efficient operation and adequate well production management. Customers can maximize the efficiency and performance of the complete system and ensure compliance to all regulatory standards.

Ensure accurate allocation measurement solutions


Your operations in real-time.

We can meet all of your needs for single and multi-well pad designs for both wired and wireless applications. Our solution includes cloud-based storage, online data monitoring, and engineering services, and a total lower cost of management. 

Reliable and accurate wellhead management


Today, efficient gas lift oil production is more than mechanics.

Field applications have demonstrated that improvements in production of between 5 and 10% can be achieved by applying continuous automatic control along with optimization techniques. A key factor to the success of these projects is the selection of a suitable Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) to manage the wellhead activities. 

Our solutions allow Customers to standardize measurement for varying well pad sizes and composition, with the reliability to accommodate challenges arising from expanding complex & pad sites. 

Our engineers can help you properly configure and leverage Emerson's ROC and FloBoss products to deliver precise measurement, monitoring, and local control for gas lift control. ​

Choose scalable and repeatable solutions that minimize capital costs


In the search for capital project efficiency, companies have often found it difficult to ‘Design One and Build Many’.

By utilizing our industry experience and expertise, we can assist with the delivery of scalable, repeatable solutions that minimize capital costs. Our complete well pad solution includes RTUs and flow computers, power and communication systems, end devices and packaging that complement unique operation needs.


Achieve production optimization with advanced control and automation 

Advanced control and automation provide significant opportunity for production optimization.

We provide a fit-for-purpose solution to help optimize your production process.

Combining technological innovation with operational input from world producers has allowed Emerson to create proven optimization solutions. The Emerson Production Manager applications employ the ROC and FloBoss series of products for industry solutions derived from the aggregate of over 20 years of development and expertise in production optimization.

We can meet all of your needs for single and multi-well pad designs for both wired and wireless applications.

Our solutions include SCADA software, online data monitoring, flow computers and RTUs, multivariable flow transmitters, field instruments, and engineering services.
Flexible hardware and software solutions
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