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ProCare System Management Program ProCare System Management Program

Why Choose Vinson?

Vinson Process Controls offers the ProCare System Management Program for all user systems that are current with Emerson's Guardian Support. This System Management and Support Agreement features a combination of services designed to enhance the operating performance of your system and increase your productivity.

With DeltaV controlling your plant, it is important to implement a planned performance program to ensure optimal operation. Many users find it difficult to keep up with the sizeable amount of software and security updates, diagnostics, backup tools and control performance utilities that are critical to keeping your plant running and minimizing risk. In some cases, an issue as simple as a poorly configured alarm can cost several hours of operations time.

ProCare includes all the necessary services and support to ensure maximum performance from your DeltaV stem. The services and support provided from Vinson give you increased insight into current and future potential issues in your system and a detailed analysis of all the actions needed to bring your system to its peak operation levels.

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ProCare Plus or Premium?
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ProCare Plus or Premium?
To learn more about the available features in our Plus and Premium plans, please use the Features menu below.
ProCare Service System Management Program PDF

ProCare Service System Management Program PDF

For more information, please download our ProCare Services Flyer. 
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ProCare Service Plan Features

We provide SMP visits to perform inspections and diagnostic review activities to improve system health. Services include backups, hotfix instal­ lations, KBA reviews and DeltaV health checks. Other specific tasks support the following:
  • Workstation/Server Review
  • Controller Review
  • Control Performance Review with DeltaV Inspect
  • Hotfix Assessment
  • Database Cleaning
  • Alarms & Events, Diagnostics Review
  • Backups of Critical Data
  • Antivirus Updates
  • Guardian Website Overview
**ProCare Plus Plan includes 1 SMP visit, ProCare Premium Plan includes 2 SMP visits.**
All ProCare Plans include a twenty-hour reserve, dedicated towards scheduled calls, covering travel, and expenses.
Our team provides an after-hours, dedicated phone number for an on-call engineer and the ability to remotely access your DeltaV system securely.
This annual comprehensive custom report provides an assessment of the reliability and performance of your DeltaV system. Recommendations for improvement in the following five critical areas are carefully calculated:
  • System Health                        • Data Protection
  • Alarm Management              • Cybersecurity Management
  • Spare Parts Management
This annual alarm report consists of a review of the overall alarm status, a comparison of the system's alarm KPls versus ISA-18.2 alarm KPI standards and an evaluation
of the alarms and recommended areas for improvement.

**Available with purchase of the Premium Plan only.**

**Available with purchase of Premium Plan only**
You may add the items below to the ProCare Plus or ProCare Premium Plans:
  • Factory Module Replacement
  • Additional SMP Visits
  • Supplemental Time to Increase Service Bank hours
  • Alarm Prioritization Report
Custom plans also available. Please call for details.
For ordering information, please contact your local Account Manager. You can also give us a call or fill out the form below.
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