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Overpressure Protection Overpressure Protection
Boilers, cogens and steam systems are challenged with running smoothly and safely.

Boilers, cogens and steam systems are challenged with running smoothly and safely.

Facility boilers, cogens and steam systems must be designed and managed to ensure safe and reliable operation, while protecting plant personnel and critical equipment from the adverse effects of an overpressure incident.

If an unforeseen process upset occurs with a boiler or other pressurized vessel that triggers an overpressurization condition, it is imperative that the pressure relief and safety valves operate properly when all else fails.

With industry-leading overpressure protection and steam trap products and services, Vinson has the right solution for your most demanding applications.

Vinson is your local resource for:

  • Kunkle™ and Crosby™ pressure relief and safety valves
  • Watson McDaniel and Yarway™ steam traps and strainers

You can rely on our valves services team to provide local pressure relief and safety valve services when, and wherever you need it. Our experienced technicians provide in-shop and onsite, emergency, repair and testing services for all types and brands of pressure relief and safety valves.

Rely on local service and overpressure protection application support when, and wherever you need it
Proof of repair and recertification documentation
Factory authorized OEM repair and assembly shop for Anderson Greenwood™, Crosby™ and Kunkle™ pressure relief & safety valves

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