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ASCO™ NH90 Nuclear Qualified Hydramotor
NH90 Hydramotor
The ASCO NH90 Nuclear Qualified Hydramotor Series of Linear Actuators features a completely self-contained, hydraulic power system that has been integrally coupled to a hydraulic cylinder.
The positive, firm positioning actuators are ideal for providing efficient and precise linear control of nuclear power valves, dampers, louvers, and a wide variety of other equipment.
ASCO™ NH90 Nuclear Qualified Hydramotor


Housing/ Body Material
110 AC, 120 AC, 220 AC, 240 AC, 380 AC, 440 AC, 460 AC
Standards / Regulations
Class IE, safety related equipment for nuclear power generating stations in accordance with IEEE standards 323, 344, 382, and 627


  • Self contained, intrinsically fail safe, sealed unit; no external pressure lines required
  • Self lubrication and fewer moving parts mean less maintenance and longer service life
  • Modular design speeds service and maintenance
  • Infinite resolution and precise repeatability
  • "Hard positioning" eliminates the effects of pipeline pressure surges
  • Stem adapters and couplings available for a wide range of application
  • Continuous duty cycle
  • Proportional or on-off operation