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New Strategic Partnership: Vinson & Welker

February 23, 2023

New Strategic Partnership: Vinson & Welker

Vinson Process Control is pleased to announce that it has entered a new strategic partnership with Welker. We are now an authorized representative for Welker's range of products in Texas (except Gulf & Central), AR (Western), OK (except Panhandle), and NM, Four corners.

Based in Sugar Land, Texas, Welker has been creating innovative solutions for the oil and gas industry for more than 65 years. More recently, Welker has been developing solutions for the energy industry by providing decarbonization solutions, like its hydrogen injection system for blending applications.

This strategic partnership will combine Vinson’s expertise in Process Control and Safety Systems, Control Valves, and Regulators, Isolation and Safety Valves, Remote Automation Solutions, and SCADA, among many others with Welker’s growth and impact in the energy and manufacturing industries, innovation, unique design, quality in manufacturing combined to bring significant values to Vinson’s customers in the regions.

“At Vinson, we are excited to broaden our scope of products and services offered to our customers, and together, with our new partner Welker, we are looking forward to strengthening and developing this strategic partnership further towards achieving common goals”. - Monte Pearson, Vice President of Sales

“We are pleased to announce that Vinson Process Controls and their dedicated team, outstanding reputation, and quality relationships within our industries are engaging with Welker as a representative partner. Our relationship with our customers does not end with the purchase–that is the beginning. Together, with Vinson Process Controls, that commitment to our customers will only grow. Welcome on board, Vinson Process Controls, we look forward to a great future serving the oil and gas industry and beyond!” – states David Fish, Senior Vice President