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DeltaV™ Live
The most advanced DeltaV HMI ever developed leading to increase productivity, simplified graphics configuration, and mobility.
DeltaV™ Live Operator Interface brings a modern, intuitive, user friendly interface that has scalable graphics, built-in display navigation, real-time and historical trending capabilities, user prioritized alarms, and system wide built-in security.


  • DeltaV's first distributed control system operator interface to natively support HTML5 graphics.
  • Supports industry standards like ISA 101.01 and industrial best practices like those defined by the Center for Operator Performance (COP) right out-of-the-box.
  • Get cross-platform compatibility that enables mobility without requiring conversions.
  • Leverage scalable and searchable graphics quickly and easily create an HMI that is customized to how, when, and where your operator needs to see critical information.
  • Intuitive, pre-established display hierarchies help you build within industry standards and best practices, including ISA 101.01 and Center for Operator Performance (COP).
  • Select up to eight languages that your operators can change on the fly.
  • Create a single design that your operators around the globe can use with their native language - speeding response times.
  • Easily create intuitive displays, with minimal to no scripting required.
  • Robust, secure, and intuitive user experience for operators and engineers.
  • Integrated historical trending and constant visibility and access to most important alarms.