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Sempell Model 115 Turbine Bypass Valve
Sempell Model 115 (ASME)
Steam turbine and boiler protection at steam turbine trip.
Steam turbine bypass to cold reheat or condenser while boiler/turbine start-up and shut down
Sempell Model 115 Turbine Bypass Valve


DN 150 to DN 1500
NPS 6 to 60
Pressure class:
Up to 320 bar
Up to Class 4500
-29°C to 630°C
-20°F to 1100°F
Body material:
1.7383 / 1.4903 / 1.4901
SA 182 -F22 /-F91 /-F92
Other materials on reques
Butt weld ends acc. To ASME B16.25 or ISO 9692-1


  • Pressure reduction by multi-stage controlled expansion.
  • Atomizing steam desuperheater, providing short evaporation length and protection of downstream piping against thermal shock
  • Subsequent adjustment to changed operational conditions possible due to easily exchangeable trim and seat.
  • Spring-loaded packing for long term leak tightness
  • Pressure seal bonnet
  • Order–specific optimization of trim flow areas and desuperheate
  • All actuator types can be used
  • Optional: Pre–warming and condensate drain Studs
  • Pressure balanced trim with pilot plug and cup springs