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ASCO™ 630 Low-Power Piezo Valve
The ASCO Series 630 Piezo valves with proportional control are designed for analytical and diagnostic equipment applications requiring extremely low-power consumption and light weight.
They are well suited for use with battery-operated equipment or in potentially explosive areas. Due to their 1 billion-cycle service life, the valves can be integrated in measuring systems such as medical equipment and gas analyzers.
ASCO™ 630 Low-Power Piezo Valve


Valve Actuation
Body Material
Engineered Plastics
Air, Inert Gas
Pipe / Port Size
Port Type
2 way - 2/2 Normally Closed, 2 way - 2/2 Normally Open
From .04 to .2 Kv
12 DC, 24 DC, 6 DC
Max Differential / Max Operating Pressure
Vacuum to 10.3 Bar
Standards / Regulations
ATEX Zone 2-22


  • Ultra-low power consumption (0.004 W) with almost no heat dissipation is ideal for portable, battery-powered applications
  • Variable flow is proportional to the?control signal
  • No wearing parts provide virtually unlimited service life
  • No inductive peaks when switching eliminate the need for circuit protection
  • Valves do not require a minimum operating pressure
  • Solenoid valves satisfy all relevant EU directives