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Crosby Style PVR Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve
Style PVR Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve
A versatile sanitary relief valve for the brewing, beverage, food processing and pharmaceutical industries


  • Self-actuated operation.
  • Relieves excess air or gas pressure.
  • Relieves excess liquid pressure in the absence of air or gas blanketing.
  • Designed to prevent vacuum formation that could cause the vessel to buckle.
  • Body and all internal parts designed to operate after exposure to process fluids and withstand direct flushing and cleansing of sterilizing agents, caustics, water or steam.
  • Allows complete drainage after operation and/or flushing and minimizes crevices which might trap contaminants or promote freezing in cold environments.
  • Standard FKM O-ring seats on both discs provide tight shutoff.
  • All materials are corrosion resistant and all exposed surface finishes are controlled to enhance sanitary features.
  • Tamper-proof lead sealed cap.
  • Manufactured to ASME Code Section VIII and Section XIII requirements.
  • Capacities on compressible fluid certified by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.