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Neotecha Model Sapro (Aseptic)
Model Sapro (Aseptic)
Sapro aseptic in-line and tank sampling systems offer sample isolation from the environment and personnel
Neotecha Model Sapro (Aseptic)


PED, Fugitive Emission
End Connection
Body Design
Short Pattern, Long Pattern
316L Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature
Less than 150 C
Pressure Class
Seat/Seal Type
Valve Size Standard
Valve Type
Instrumentation Valve


  • Aseptic/cleanable design, all wetted parts can be reached with steam, cleaning solvents or inert gas.
  • Ability to totally contain sample, offering ultimate purity of sample in aseptic applications, and offers ultimate safety to personnel in toxic chemical applications.
  • Simple and safe operation due to the use of a spring return manual lever. The lever automatically closes the sampler when it is released.
  • True representative sample’ every time without process interruption.
  • Spring housing is totally sealed from the media.
  • Valve is self draining (dead spot free).
  • The bottle adaptor is provided with a two step disconnect to allow rinsing, cleaning and sterilizing all internal parts.
  • The area between the primary and secondary spindle seal can be filled with alcohol to allow monitoring the stem seal and to avoid contamination.
  • Solves the common problems of:
    • Sample isolation from environment
    • Sample isolation from personnel
    • Excellent cleaning of all wetted/exposed areas.