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WKM 370D6 ball valves are designed and engineered for heavy-duty performance.
Used in many general-purpose petroleum and chemical process applications, these valves also can be specified for more demanding applications. The WKM 370D6* trunnionmounted ball valve is recognized throughout the world for durability, reliability, and flexibility in many challenging situations.


  • Fire tested for safety: WKM 370D6 ball valves are qualified under API Spec 607 standards.
  • Actuation friendly: Valves can come with a gear operator from DYNATORQUE* valve accessories or an ISO:5211 certfied mounting pad for easy actuation.
  • End connections: Valves are generally flanged; 2-, 3-, and 4-in Class 150 valves come in flanged × flanged configuration.
  • Body style: Two-piece body is standard.
  • Standard materials: Choose carbon steel, stainless steel (SS), and low-temperature carbon steel.
  • Optional stem materials: Choose 316 SS, 410 SS, 4130 LAS, and INCONEL® material.
  • Double-block-and-bleed operation: The pressure-actuated seats and bleed fittings enable double-block-and bleed operation. When used for block and bleed, this feature can permit the valve to take the place of two valves. It also enables the operator to check
  • up- and downstream sealing by bleeding off the body pressure. All sizes can block and bleed in both the open and closed position.
  • Standard NACE trim†: Valves are compliant with NACE MR0175 and ISO:15156 certification for buried service.
  • Bidirectional flow: This valve uses pressure-actuated seats with locked-in, nonmetallic
  • face seals. To help ensure sealing at low pressure, special wave springs
  • force the seats against the ball. At higher pressures, the upstream seat
  • is forced against the ball by the pressure working across the differential
  • area between the seat insert and the seat O-ring. The higher the pressure,
  • the tighter the seal.