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Maximize Well Production
Maintaining accurate allocation measurement while achieving facility cost reduction goals can be challenging. Emerson now offers the ProductionManager™ Well Test (PMWT) application to facilitate scheduled, automated well testing or manual well test operations and is compliant with the latest API 20.5 well testing guidelines to simplify the process. PMWT generates well test reports for approval manually or automatically. Now you can rest easy knowing that potential issues with allocation, scheduling, multiple testers and optimal test results are resolved.

PMWT leverages previously built ProductionManager Equipment Module well and separator train objects for use in well testing, simplifying configuration. Also, when used in conjunction with ProductionManager™ Well Optimization, PMWT intuitively interacts to start well optimization. Based on feedback of optimization results, PMWT will complete the test cycle or extend the well test to allow further optimization. This process interaction ensures overall testing time is kept to a minimum while maximizing well production.


  • Manual/ Automated Valve Support: PMWT can support various valve systems. Manual and automatic valve setups are welcome.
  • Scheduling: Schedule your tests when you need them, on one tester or several. The schedules can be modified as needed, and wells can be inserted as required for retesting. PMWT takes care of the rest.
  • Comprehensive Reporting Process: Receive all of your reports immediately at the end of the test. You can expect accurate results every time. The reports facilitate manual and automatic acceptance.
  • 24 Hour Equivalent: There is no longer a need for concern over valves being switched manually before their designated time. PMWT’s 24 hour equivalent provides a daily total of flow volumes.
  • Multiple Tester Support: There is no need for multiple PLC systems. You can run multiple testers all at once, automatically. View your results in one, convenient location.
  • Test Results Management: Provides the ability to automatically accept test results based on user-defined criteria, manually accept test results, or hold test results for completion of retesting the well.