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Vinson's Tank Manager is a SCADA-friendly solution that allows the logging and reporting of fiscal and internal transfer events.
This configurable application allows you to check the meter verification of LACT hauls using level measurement changes with a secure HMI interface for truck haul transactions. With BLM- and API-compliant tank strapping capabilities, Vinson’s Tank Manager solutions provide real time inventory manage that allows you to predict estimates for truck scheduling and logistics while providing full LACT operational controls



  • API COMPLIANCE INCLUDING NEW 18.2 STANDARD: Vinson’s solution provides a level-based, gross volume inventory management and API Chapter 11 net standard volume correction for API 18.1 hauling from tanks. Additionally our production transfer solution's capabilities allow for the automatic recording of transactions for API 11.1 for LACTs, API 18.2 using level or meter inputs, API 18.1 verification, auto-haul verification option for API 18.1, and water hauling. The API 18.2 capabilities are comprehensive allowing you to model the HMI and process to meet your companies implementation of API 18.2 with ease, accuracy and consistency.
  • LACT MEASUREMENT & CONTROL: Vinson’s measurement solutions allow check meter verification of LACT hauls using level measurement changes. Our production transfer solution’s capabilities let you automate a LACT skid for truck or pipeline loading and unloading. It can support up to six LACT skids/truck loadouts, allows for the divert valve control and provides measurements for monthly temperature and pressure averaging. Each event is recorded in a log file in a unique record that is easily collected by SCADA for use in your business system.
  • INVENTORY, PRODUCTION & SALES DATA MANAGEMENT: Vinson’s inventory, production and sales data management provides a solution for the correction of hauled volume back to Net Standard Volumes (NSV) using API standard calculations. Oil and water inventories including daily and monthly accumulated totals of production and hauled volumes are available. This real time inventory also allows you to monitor instantaneous production and hauling totals for each tank or tank aggregate (group of joined tanks), with the ability to allocate the produced and hauled liquids back to each well at the location.