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Vinson's Well Optimization application provides comprehensive well lifecycle management application that includes control operations and process analytics such as Bottom Hole Pressure (BHP) calculation.

Our application can manage free flowing wells during the initial production phase and allows flexible and configurable lift control throughout the depletion phases. Well operations include control and optimization as an intermitter, plunger or gas lift, combinations of plunger with gas assist (GAPL) or continuous gas lift with plunger assist (PAGL). We also allow for pump permissives to be used in conjunction with Electrical Submersible Pumps, Progressive Cavity Pumps, Rod Pumps etc...


  • GAS LIFT: Gas lift is available on both gas and oil wells as a method of artificial lift that uses high-pressure gas for supplementing formation gas to lift the well fluids. Vinson's implementation of gas lift control can optimize the efficiency, production and fiscal return of gas and liquid production operations. User defined injection periods are analyzed in real time to provide the consistent improvements you target. API compliant well injection start up routines can ensure safe reliable remote restarts of the process if desired limiting downtime and reducing equipment wear or damage.
  • PLUNGER LIFT: Plunger lift is primarily used in high gas-to-liquid ratio wells and is used to remove liquid from the wellbore to allow the well to produce at the lowest bottom hole pressure. The plunger lift technique is extremely economical as it needs minimal equipment and uses the well’s own gas pressure as its energy source. It can be combined with continuous gas lift injection using a continuous plunger or you can assist the plunger by injecting gas when appropriate to help support the wells natural energy to lift.
  • AUTOMATED CHOKE ADD-IN: ProductionManager Automated Choke Add-in allows the control of new high-pressure wells during and after flowback through freeflow until artificial lift is required. The user can manage tubing pressure decline rates with automated ramp and soak control to protect surface equipment and safely manage well startup. The automated choke control also has integrated PID control for the choke that allows for up to 7 PID overrides.