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Zedi Composition Management Software for Oil and Gas
Efficiently manage gas and liquid composition analysis with Zedi Composition Management Software for Oil and Gas.
This highly automated, cloud-based software enables oil and gas producers to consolidate your sampling program by providing a secure, single-source solution to manage all analyses and lab results. You can now streamline your laboratory test scheduling by more efficiently managing approvals and notifications. Once approvals are received, our software helps automate field device updates to save time and money while proving data certainty with user-defined validation criteria. In addition, laboratory results are available to an unlimited number of designated users the moment the information is published by the lab to further automate the process and ensure your staff is using the latest data.


  • Plan, coordinate, and monitor your sampling program according to site requirements.
  • Quickly and easily arrange sampling services by exporting a sampling schedule and sending it to the lab.
  • Consolidates fluid analysis in a single cloud based sorce available to an unlimited number of users.
  • Accurate and timely fluid analysis data the moment it is published by the lab.
  • Automatic approval of fluid analyses that meet user-defined validation criteria.
  • Immediately and automatically updates field devices on Zedi Access and meters in Zedi TrueChart once approved.