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Varec Series 2010B/2020B Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves
Series 2010B/2020B Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves
Weight-loaded relief valves that protect tanks from damage or deformation, minimize emissions to the environment and loss of product due to evaporation.


  • Choice of vent to atmosphere or pipe away models
  • Modular design provides flexibility of field installation and allows easy reconfiguration, repair or on-site upgrading
  • Oversized pressure and vacuum ports provide maximum flow capacity
  • Easily removable hood and cover for inspection and maintenance
  • Seat rings are both interchangeable and field replaceable
  • Protective screens at pressure and vacuum ports prevent entrance of foreign matter
  • Outlet adapter on the 2020B Series is one pipe size larger than the valve inlet flange to optimize flow capacity
  • Zero product loss when combined with a vapor recovery system
  • Replaceable and interchangeable pressure and vacuum seat rings
  • ‘All-weather’ non-frosting and ice-resistant coating option available for valve seats and guides
  • Extended service options available for high temperature and chemical applications